Determined.  Caring.  Joyful.  Authentic.  Loving. 

These are just a few adjectives that describe a young man who did more with his life in 23 years than most of us could hope to achieve in a lifetime. 

Caleb Walker was just 18 years old when he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.  From the initial diagnosis, Caleb vowed to fight his cancer with determination and positivity.  This mindset enabled him to consistently prove his doctors wrong and live his life to the fullest.  Caleb would endure a total of six brain surgeries over six years, endless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, and hospital stays that would last weeks at a time.  Throughout this entire journey Caleb found ways to help others while he was facing his own battles.  He was a constant source of inspiration to the younger patients at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where he received treatment. 

After one of Caleb's surgeries, a friend gifted he and his family a weekend at the beach.  It was during this trip where Caleb said he felt "normal" for the first time in a long time.  He was able to relax, enjoy the company of his family and not worry about doctor appointments, treatment schedules, work and the everyday stressors that had become such a normal part of his life.  When Caleb returned to CHOP for treatment, he felt rejuvenated and ready to keep attacking his diagnosis. 

Right away, he began working to give this feeling to other patients and their families.

Caleb spent subsequent hospital stays researching, networking and organizing the basis for the nonprofit he founded in 2014, A Week Away (AWA).  AWA is a Lancaster based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to coordinate and finance respites for individuals and their loved ones who are dealing with a life-threatening illness -- enabling them to find the peace and energy needed to continue fighting their disease.

The Caleb Walker Memorial Golf Tournament is a chance to honor and remember our dear friend and support his organization that continues to give individuals and their families the strength and peace they need to keep fighting.


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